Plastic and the plastic industry will play an important role in environmental management in the future


Plastic and the plastic industry will play an important role in environmental management in the future

PRIMO Danmark A/S welcomes the increasing demand for environmental responsibility. We have been certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard for the environment since 2000.

This certification sends a strong message to local authorities, customers and consumers alike that PRIMO considers all environmental factors associated with the production and use of our products.

PRIMO has steadily increased our involvement in our joint-venture partner’s production processes and in the general public’s consumption and disposal of plastic products as a whole. We have been focused our efforts in particular in the areas where our products are used.

Many different styles are available to suit a variety of mounting surfaces, moulding types etc.

Our overarching commitment to environmental issues is evidenced by:
– Environmental certifications in our production facilities
– Participation in collection and recycling systems
– Other activities that support the environment


Any form of production has an impact on the surrounding environment. Our goal is to limit any negative impact related to our production. PRIMO has taken the following measures:
● Developed environmentally-friendly PVC raw materials
● Optimised our production technology (extrusions)
● Introduced groundwater cooling
● Initiated measures to sort and manage waste material
● Conducted environmental management training with our staff
● Obtained environmental certifications
● Initiated measures to reuse our internal plastic waste
● Initiated measures to treat materials, cooling water in closed systems


Plastic, with its long lifespan and virtually maintenance-free properties, is an excellent material in terms of its environmental impact. But we must consider the fact that our products have a comprehensive environmental requirement– from cradle to grave.

PRIMO has become a pioneering business and driving force in the development of plastic moulding that is developed with the highest regard for environmental issues.
● Recycled packaging is used whenever possible.
● Products are developed using 100% recyclable raw materials
● We systematically collect and sort waste material from our external production
● We have developed a waste collection system for discarded plastic construction components, etc.

Bureau Veritas Certification is an independent certification body that monitors PRIMO’s environmental management system by reviewing compliance with environmental requirements every year. This helps ensure that PRIMO continues to meet the requirements to maintain ISO 14001 certification.

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CE marking for PRIMO mouldings

Ref. The Danish Energy Agency ( does not have its own CE marking for
mouldings since no harmonised standards have been established for these products.

Since we have met other stringent standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, for more than 20 years, we have assured our commitment to achieve the proper CE marking when harmonised standards go into effect.