Primo Lister

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For 4 mm grooves

Door gasket for inner doors

Available in rolls of 25 m.


Do you experience drag from your main entrance? Have the sounds and smells that is transferred through your doors been amplified slowly over the years?

Much could indicate that your interior door sealing has been worn and a renewal needs to be done.

The PRIMO door gasket here fits 4 mm grooves and you mount them after removing the worn sealing gasket. After the replacement, you will experience major changes with far less penetration of noise, smells and dust that prior could move freely – even behind the closed door.


Press the door gasket into the bezel on the door.

Be aware that the sealing is not completely pressed together when the door is closed. To little space for the gasket will make its ability to recoil and seal bad in a short while.


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