Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


15 x 25

Cover(it) multi-moulding

Supplied in lengths of 2500 mm.


PRIMO Cover(it) multi-moulding is named as it is applicable in several locations in your home from floor to ceiling. The moulding is elegant with its curved shape and minimalistic presentation. Inside, the moulding cavity allows space for one standard or 2 thinner wires and the moulding is mounted invisibly on clips for an optimum clean look.

The multi-moulding can be used to draw cables or wires along your skirting, at the ceiling or in your wall corners. With this solution you can power lamps, electrical appliances and gadgets without being bothered by free-hanging wires.

Remember to buy accessories for the multi-moulding. See content further down the page.


Clips are screwed into the wall – the cables are placed in the clips and the mouldings are clicked on the clips – thus hiding both the cables and the clips. Once the installation is carried out, it is easy to click the mouldings on and off if you need to replace cables, paper or paint.


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