Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


9 x 55 mm


Available in lengths of 900 mm and 2500 mm.


PRIMO wall mouldings can be used, among other things, as coverings for window- or door edges, as connector between two windows or as a finishing moulding by a trapdoor. The wall mouldings appear light and minimalistic and are valid in many renovation and DIY projects.
If you want to achieve a beautiful finish and do not want to compromise on strength and stability, then PRIMO wall mouldings are a clever choice. Wall mouldings are produced in white and can easily be painted in any color you want. Available in 8 different sizes.
This moulding is also available in a self-adhesive version that is easy and fast to mount.


PRIMO wall mouldings are secured with nails or screws. Secure them at points 30-50 cm apart depending on the attachment surface and it won’t split or crack.

PRIMO wall mouldings can also be mounted with an alcohol-based silicone or mounting adhesive.

If you need to flex the moulding then use a heat gun to carefully heat the mouldings, and bent the moulding around, e.g., a pillar.


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