Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


16 x 16 mm

Glazing bead

Available in lengths of 900 mm.


PRIMO glazing bead require no maintenance and is a functional solution for attaching glass pieces and glazing in a secure manor. It is produced in weather resistant plastic that does not absorb water or dry out as a moulding of wood would do.
This way the moulding can withstand rot and fungus – and makes it extremely long-lasting. Square glazing beads in lengths of 900 mm are available in 6 different sizes and can be painted in the colors you want as PRIMO’s other mouldings.
The square glazing beads can be used in several places in connection to renovation or newbuilding, where a profile with precisely these dimensions would look good.


PRIMO glazing bead is secured with nails or staples. It is secured at points 30-50 cm apart depending on the attachment surface and it won’t split or crack. Use a fine-toothed saw or trim shears for cutting.


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