Glazing beads

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


7,5 x 7,5 mm

Glazing bead

Available in lengths of 900 mm.


This glazing bead from PRIMO is maintenance-free and of evident advantages when choosing a solution for holding glazing and other components. The glazing bead is made of weather-resistant plastic that does not absorb moisture or dry out in the same way that you experience with mouldings of wood. You avoid the development of fungus and rot – and at the same time you have a glazing bead that lasts very long. All the glazing bead with a square profile in lengths of 900 mm, are available in 6 different sizes and can be painted like any other PRIMO moulding.
The square glazing bead can be used anywhere in your new-build project or renovation, where you will need a profile with precisely these measures.


PRIMO glazing bead is secured with nails or staples. It is secured at points 30-50 cm apart depending on the attachment surface and it won’t split or crack. Use a fine-toothed saw for cutting.


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