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Installing Classic skirting and architraves for concealing cables

In this video, you will find instructions for mounting our Classic mouldings for wiring concealment. See also the assembly instruction, and the FAQ below.


All double-insulated wires can be concealed. A double-insulated wire has both internal and external insulation. When installing a power outlet or similar, you should also install a lock box that can easily be opened with tools. It is also a benefit if the wires are not bent too sharply around corners. This ensures that you do not get unnecessary voltage to your other electrical devices. You can create the right bend in your wires by cutting an inside corner or drilling through an outside corner. Otherwise, we would refer you to applicable laws for wiring. Contact your electrical installer if you have further questions.

For a wall that is very uneven, it can be difficult to get the moulding to sit properly on the outside corner. If both sides are glued and clipped while fixing the moulding a little closer to the corner than what is described in the fixing instructions, even larger irregularities can be concealed.

Assembly Instruction