Primo Lister

Consider using PRIMOs soft skirtings in your next project


13 x 46 mm
Skirtings and architravesSoft skirtings and angles

Skirting, self-adhesive, 2 mm

Supplied in rolls of 25 m.


PRIMO soft skirtings are particularly used in high-traffic areas. The soft skirtings are ideal for institutions, hospitals, grocery stores, industrial buildings etc.

PRIMO soft skirtings are made of an exceptionally resilient plastic material that is unaffected by moisture, meaning it can withstand daily cleaning.

In addition to PRIMO soft skirtings, you can also get PRIMO soft angels. They are used where different types of flooring meet, on stairs, to finish wet rooms or in corners that are more exposed to wear and tear.


The skirting is self-adhesive and made of a soft material that is easy to work with.

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