We have mouldings that fit every home.


PRIMO has made it simple to quickly and easily choose your mouldings. PRIMO Lister concept is so comprehensive that any transition in the home– at the floor, wall, ceiling, door, worktop, cabinet etc.– can be performed effectively while providing an elegant finish, with mouldings that are well-suited for your home in terms of size, colour and style.

You can choose to use the same design throughout your home or you can select mouldings according to their intended use or for each individual room.

PRIMO mouldings can follow along curved walls and conceal wiring, will not split when nailing, do not need to be painted and will never rot or discolour.

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We can help you find your nearest DIY centre which sells the PRIMO mouldings that you need – right now. Call us at +45 7698 3314 and we will help you.

CE marking for PRIMO mouldings

Ref. The Danish Energy Agency ( does not have its own CE marking for
mouldings since no harmonised standards have been established for these products.

Since we have met other stringent standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, for more than 20 years, we have assured our commitment to achieve the proper CE marking when harmonised standards go into effect.