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Advantages of choosing PRIMO

Curved mouldings – endless possibilities with PRIMO Mouldings

It can be difficult to achieve clean lines and those finer finishing touches in your construction and renovation projects. With PRIMO Mouldings, you will easily find the moulding that is best suited to your needs. PRIMO Mouldings are especially suited for older homes, where walls and floors may no longer be even. Or in newly built homes with domes, arches and rounded corners.

The mouldings will not split during installation.

The mouldings are both flexible and easy to install. Bend and install them as you wish– without worrying about splitting. With a few extra nails, these flexible mouldings can be fitted to follow worktop edges, walls and floors.

If the moulding is to be fitted in a small radius, it’s easy to soften the moulding with a hair dryer or heat gun.

Maintenance-free mouldings –
will not rot

PRIMO Mouldings are designed for use in wet rooms. They are completely moisture resistant. They will not warp or twist. Plastic is not affected by rot or mould and therefore contributes to an allergen-free indoor environment.

And there is no problem with discoloration due to sunlight, moisture or smoke. The plastic material creates a smooth surface that is hygienic and easy to clean.
All they need is a basic cleaning now and then and they will maintain an attractive finish for years to come.

That is why PRIMO mouldings are the perfect option for wet rooms, in bathrooms, on kitchen worktops and in the utility room.

Knot-free mouldings – minimum waste

All PRIMO mouldings come fully finished without knots or hidden defects or cracks, which over time can lead to discolouration or breakage.

The mouldings come pre-coloured and will not change in appearance even after years of use.
PRIMO mouldings can be trimmed with precision down to 1 mm at a time without fraying. Precise adaptations can be made for notched out and irregular angles that might otherwise present a problem. The skirting can easily be cut to size with a saw or hobby knife. All this minimises waste and ultimately helps us take care of our environment.

No painting needed – delivered fully finished

Don’t continue to struggle with stubborn, knotty mouldings that are prone to splintering– PRIMO’s fully finished mouldings mount with nails, screws, alcohol-based silicone or mounting adhesive. After mounting, the job is done– no further treatment upon installation or ten years from now. This is how PRIMO mouldings can save you time and money. The mouldings are available in solid colour and wooden designs in up to 14 varieties.

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CE marking for PRIMO mouldings

Ref. The Danish Energy Agency ( does not have its own CE marking for
mouldings since no harmonised standards have been established for these products.

Since we have met other stringent standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, for more than 20 years, we have assured our commitment to achieve the proper CE marking when harmonised standards go into effect.