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Keep the heat in with PRIMO’s gaskets – a smart way to save money

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Gaskets are soft strips used for sealing between two elements. Often used on windows and doors, gaskets are either fitted between frame and casing or in the cavity between rebate and casing, where they are intended to seal against heat loss, draughts, odours and cold. It is important that a sealing strip has flexible properties so that it can prevent displacement, expansion and contraction in doors and windows.


Keep warm with PRIMO gaskets. Even small leaks at door and window frames creates drafts and can quickly be noticed on the heating bill. So be sure to check all your home's gaskets at least once a year. Have they come loose or broken? Then it's time for a replacement. Spring and summer are a great time to replace your sealing strips, as the weather is good, and you can have doors and windows open without it being too annoying and cold inside.

At PRIMO you will find gaskets from 1-8 mm which, quite literally, covers most needs. The sealing strips counteract unpleasant draughts from doors and windows, as well as closing unevenness between, for example, door and frame. At the same time, a gasket insulates against both heat and cold.
In PRIMO's wide range you will find sealing strips in various designs to suit most types of windows and doors, whether wooden, plastic or wood-aluminium. The gaskets are available in practical lengths and rolls, and it is also possible to get them in several different colours.

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All sealing strips are easy to cut and install. Many are self-adhesive and can be easily clamped or pinned in place. PRIMOs gaskets are made of weather-resistant material, which is suitable for outdoor use. The gaskets will not crumble even if they have been or are exposed to frost. Moreover, the mouldings keep their shape for a long time and retain their flexibility, i.e., their spring-back properties.

Gaskets for both indoors and outdoors

Gaskets not only keeps out draughts and cold - it can also help reduce noise and odours indoors. This can be achieved by installing a universal gasket in the frames of doors between rooms and living areas. Similarly, you can use sealing strips as sound absorbers on large wardrobe or cupboard doors.

Save on heating bills and get rid of cold, draughts and noise. Even small improvements pay off quickly.


5113 250x250

Door and window gaskets with groove

5924 Dk03 49 Hvid 5m Liste 250x250

Self-adhesive universal gaskets + door and window gaskets w. sealing strip


Gaskets with and without cord


Gaskets for exterior sill, sealing strips and compressed sealing tape

5887 250x250

Gaskets for glazing beads and seamless installation

0703 250x250

Clamp gaskets

T 3000302 Frit 250x250

Accessories for gaskets

Keep the heat in with PRIMO’s gaskets – a smart way to save money. PRIMO gaskets for doors and windows conserve heat and minimise entry of draughts, dust and noise.

PRIMO offers glazing gaskets and sealing profiles for a wide range of wood, plastic or wood-aluminium doors, windows and skylights. These gaskets are also suited for many other applications requiring optimal sealing.

PRIMO gasket clamp profiles are made from durable materials for outdoor use.

Many of PRIMO’s gaskets are self-adhesive for fast and easy mounting. Available in convenient lengths and rolls in a wide range of colours.


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Ref. The Danish Energy Agency ( does not have its own CE marking for
mouldings since no harmonised standards have been established for these products.

Since we have met other stringent standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001 certification,
for more than 20 years,we have assured our commitment to achieve the proper
CE marking when harmonised standards go into effect.