Primo Lister

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10 x 8,2 mm

Self-adhesive universal gasket for 1-2 mm leaks

Available in 6 m rolls.


A universal gasket for sealing is an obvious option – when nothing else fits.

PRIMO universal gaskets are mounted on windows and doors and have great function indoors as well as out. You can use a sealing gasket where the sealing is insufficient or where the existing gaskets needs replacement. These universal gaskets are easy to handle and help you reduce odor, noise and other nuisances explained by inadequate sealing.
In the minor home, smell and sound from one room to another can be harassing – but you can easily put an end to that. The universal sealing gasket is also efficient for improving insulation or shock absorption, such as in a drawer closure.
The possibilities are many with a universal gasket from PRIMO.


The self-adhesive universal gaskets shall be mounted on a clean and dry surface. Place a staple on the top and bottom to spare the use of the tape.
See the detailed Assembly instruction below.


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