Primo Lister

Consider using PRIMOs soft skirtings in your next project


14 x 60 mm


PVC – supplied in rolls of 48 m in black, grey and white
Non-PVC – supplied in rolls of 50 m in black and grey


In places with high passenger traffic and in-house transport, there is a need for impact-resistant skirtings that will withstand the high standards of hygiene that you place in public and private establishments or e.g. in grocery stores. The soft skirtings from PRIMO are recommended especially in places where there is a heavy wear. The soft skirtings are also suitable for most industrial buildings.

PRIMO soft skirting is made of very robust plastic, which is resistant to moisture and therefore can withstand washing on a daily basis.

In addition, the PRIMO range also includes soft angles that allow you to achieve a complete look with a consistent finish. They are used for transitions between different floor types, e.g. for finishing in wet rooms, at corners that are exposed to shocks or high trafficked stairs.
The skirting is made of PVC and NON-PVC, both of which have identical good qualities.


The skirting is self-adhesive and made of a soft material that is easy to work with. See instruction below.


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