Primo Lister

Consider using PRIMOs soft skirtings in your next project


12 x 50 mm

Skirting, self-adhesive, 1,3 mm

PVC supplied in rolls of 48 m in black, grey and white
Non-PVC supplied in rolls of 50 m in black and grey


PRIMO’s soft skirtings are ideal in institutions, hospitals, nursing homes or in grocery stores as the function is long-term oriented and as they tolerate great environmental impact in the form of impact and frequent washing.
The soft and flexible plastic material in which PRIMO’s skirting are manufactured makes them extremely hygienic and gives them resistance to heavy wear.

In addition to the skirting, you will find soft angles in the PRIMO range. They are useful for joining various flooring types, such as finishing in wet rooms or on corners and stairs exposed to impacts and likely.
This soft skirting is delivered in both PVC and NON-PVC with the same good properties.


The skirting is self-adhesive and made of a soft material that is easy to work with. See instruction below.


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