Primo Lister

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25 x 27 mm

FiberCore glazing bead, base

Available in lengths of 1500 mm, 2500 mm and 4000 mm.


PRIMO’s FiberCore glass mouldings are an energy-efficient and resistant solution when renovating your windows and doors. The glass mouldings are designed to utilize and combine wood and plant fibers with the unique properties of plastic, so that the glass mouldings increase the insulation by up to 160 compared to aluminum.
The mouldings are made of weather-resistant plastic combination and do not absorb water or dry out as seen in wood mouldings. This will prevent you from the development of rot and damp in the mouldings and extend the life of your windows.


PRIMO FiberCore glazing beads are mounted using a unique clip system for easy and fast installation without visible screws or nails.

See instruction video here

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