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14 x 14

Cover(it) self-adhesive wall moulding

Self-adhesive wall mouldings for cabling concealment and cable connections.
Available in lengths of 2500 mm.


With a PRIMO Cover(it) moulding for installation in the corners of the house, you get new ways to mount electronic devices without the hassle of wires hanging lose. The cable moulding has a rounded surface that makes it discreet and supports a minimalistic and elegant interior decor.
The design and closing function ensures a minimum of dust accumulation in and around the moulding.

The profile cavity offers space for one wire. The locking mechanism is easy to use and the moulding can be opened and closed as frequent as needed.


PRIMO Cover(it) are supplied with tape. They are fast and easy to mount. The mouldings are equipped with a strong tape on the back that can stick to most surfaces if they are completely clean and dry.
It is necessary to degrease the walls before mounting.


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