With PRIMO’s elegant kitchen mouldings, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your project


13 x 13 mm


Available in length 5 metres


This small but elegant kitchen moulding from PRIMO creates the finishing touch along the kitchen table.

The kitchen moulding is of high quality, made of a flexible plastic material. This means, that the kitchen profile is not affected by water, moisture or sunlight, thereby neither rotting nor discolouring, which means that it has a long life. In addition, the moulding is incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean, as it can easily be wiped with a wet cloth.

Together with the kitchen moulding, you will receive the following parts for installation:
2 x internal corners
2 x external corners
2 x right end caps
2 x left end caps
2 x 135 degree internal corners
2 x internal corners with corner profile


The self-adhesive tape attached to the kitchen profile makes it quick and easy to install the moulding.
This provides an attractive transition between the kitchen worktop and the wall, where the installation is not visible.


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