With PRIMO’s elegant kitchen mouldings, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your project


23 x 39 mm


Available in length 3 metres


Are you renovating your kitchen or perhaps it needs a new look? With this exclusive PRIMO kitchen moulding, you can give your worktop the last beautiful finish.

The kitchen profile is often used on worktops in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room, where it will provide a stylish finish. The moulding is, like PRIMO’s mouldings in general, long-lasting, moisture resistant and does not discolour, it requires minimum maintenance and is easy to keep clean and neat.

This PRIMO kitchen profile is designed with a small rubber lip that ensures a complete seal to the worktop, preventing water or dirt from falling behind the moulding.

Fittings for corners and ends are made in the same colours as the profiles to complete the final result.


PRIMOs kitchen moulding is easy to install and there are no visible nail holes. The moulding comes with a continuous mounting profile that must be fixed with screws or nails, after which the moulding can be clicked on. The mounting profile must be fixed every 30-50 cm depending on the surface and it will not split during installation.


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