Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


28 x 16 mm

Glazing bead, base

Available in lengths of 2500 mm.


With glazing beads from PRIMO for doors and windows you get a maintenance-free and efficient solution for renovating wooden windows. The mouldings are made of weather-resistant plastic that does not absorb water or dry out as you would experience with a wooden moulding.
The glazing beads protects you from moisture and the development of rot – and extends the life span of your windows significantly. Base glazing beads are available in a total of 4 varied sizes.


PRIMO’s base glazing beads are nailed with stainless ringed nails. Attach at every 15 cm, but a maximum of 5 cm from the edge. They do not split during installation.

See Assembly instruction below.


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