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14 x 60

Classic skirting

Classic skirting is made for concealing wiring. Available in white and off white in lengths of 3100 mm and in wood-look (oak) in 2500 mm lengths.


Do you want a solution that invisibly aligns the cords along your skirtings? PRIMO Classic skirting can conceal your cables and wires and are attached to wall-mounted clips.
The skirtings is easily clicked on and off if you need to paint, wallpaper or change the floor covering – without damaging the skirting. The classic skirting can be painted in the desired color.
See also mounting video here.


PRIMO Classic skirting is mounted on clips that are secured with screws into the wall. Then click it on. It is easy to cut and fit the skirting so cables can exit, for example for a TV or lamp.


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