Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes

5110 (self-adhesive)

15 x 15 mm

Scotia moulding

Available in lengths of 2500 mm.


With its only 15 x 15 mm this scotia moulding is the smallest in the PRIMO range (also available in 21 x 21 mm and 27 x 27 mm). It is mostly used for finishing a kitchen or utility table placed against the wall.

The scotia moulding offers an elegant and discreet look. No additional maintenance is required and the moulding can withstand both water, sunlight and smoke – without discoloration. Clean easily daily with a damp cloth.


We recommend attaching the scotia mouldings with an alcohol-based silicone or a mounting adhesive. Then you get the most elegant finish without visible nail holes. It is, however possible to nail or shoot the moulding into place without it splitting.


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