Primo Lister

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10 x 7 mm

Self-adhesive universal gasket for 3-7 mm leaks

Available in 6 m rolls.


When nothing else fits, a universal gasket can do the job.

PRIMO’s universal gaskets can be used on windows and doors – outside as well as inside. Use the gaskets where there has not been previously mounted sealing or when you want to replace your previous gaskets. Universal gaskets are easy to set up and makes the room more temperature proof.

Universal sealing gasket from PRIMO can also be used to keep odors and sounds from inside the bathroom and washroom, or as overall sound insulation in your interior or exterior doors. If you have a drawer that closes in too hard or you want to seal against dust – the universal gasket or sealing strip is also the right choice.


The self-adhesive universal gaskets be mounted on a clean and dry surface. Place a staple on the top and bottom to spare the use of the tape.
See the detailed Assembly instruction below.


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