Primo Lister

PRIMO skirtings are available in different sizes, colours and designs – ready to install

Skirting for carpets

6 x 55 mm

Skirting for carpets

Available in the length 2500 mm


This skirting is specially designed for carpets. The carpet moulding has a self-adhesive side and a soft top, suitable for textiles. This helps to create the most beautiful finish after installation.

The skirting board is made of durable plastic, which makes the moulding resistant to moisture, so it will never rot.


The skirting must be acclimatised for a minimum of 24 hours before installation to adapt to the climatic conditions of the room.

The carpet moulding can be fixed with nails, screws or by gluing with mounting adhesive. This depends on the substrate of the floor and the look you want.

Due to its smooth backing, it is easy to install with nails – in this case, the skirting board should be fixed every 25 to 50 cm.


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