Primo Lister

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5 x 11-13 x 3-4 x 7 mm

Universal gasket for inner doors

Available in rolls of 5 m.


Do sounds and smells that penetrate through doors become clearer and clearer?

It could indicate that the sealing of the inner door is worn and that a replacement would do wonders.

This PRIMO door sealing gasket is suitable for grooves between 3- and 4-mm. Place the door gasket exactly where the prior was mounted and you will notice a distinct change. The replacement will result in less transport of noise, drag, odor and dust that could previously move freely – even through a closed door.


Press the door gasket into the bezel on the door.

Be aware that the sealing is not completely pressed together when the door is closed. To little space for the gasket will make its ability to recoil and seal bad in a short while.


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