Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


10 x 10 mm


Available in a lengths of 2500 mm and 3100 mm. White also available, in 900 mm.


PRIMO quadrants are used for thresholds, worktops or as a corner moulding in the concave corners of the wall. The quadrant is very flexible and easily follows the irregularities of the floors and light thresholds at the door step. The moulding is also available in 12 x 12 mm and 16 x 16 mm.

A PRIMO quadrant is ideal in kitchens and wet rooms such as utility rooms and bathrooms.
PRIMO mouldings are completely unaffected by moisture. They do not settle and are form-resistant, just as plastic does not form rot or fungus – it is the ideal choice when establishing an allergy-friendly indoor climate.


These quadrants are flexible and easy to install. They can be mounted with nails. Fix the quadrants with a distance of 30-50 cm apart depending on the underlay.
It is also a possibility to mount the PRIMO quadrant with alcohol-based silicone or mounting adhesive..


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