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Gasket for glazing bead with cord for notching

Available in rolls of 300 m.


PRIMO gasket for glazing beads are needed when your gasket on your glazing beads are worn out and need replacement. It often occurs that glazing beads are delivered without gasket and if your new glazing beads have a groove of 3 mm, then this gasket is what you need to complete your glazing beads.

The gasket is produced in TPE and is thus a PVC-free product, which is extremely suitable for outdoor use and will last long without losing its shape or strength.


The glazing gasket is pressed in the groove on the glazing bead. Afterwards the moulding can be installed again.

Remember to clean the bezel in which gasket for the glazing bead is placed in. The cleaning and the replacement of the gasket, will give your window a long life.


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