Primo Lister

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For 4 mm grooves

Weldable gasket AC5945

Available in boxes of 200 m.


PRIMO groove welding seal is recommended for replacing old seals in primarily wooden windows and doors where new alternative methods cannot be used.
Sealing by the welding method is of older date and as there are more flexible and less demanding mounting types today, we recommend that you switch to the sealing gasket with cord PRIMO 6307, which is a new combination gasket based on the latest knowledge on sealing gaskets.

The range of sealing gaskets from PRIMO is wide and varied and contains a solution for every need. A large part of the sealing gaskets is made of TPE, which, in addition to being PVC-free, can withstand any impact of hard weather and therefore has a long life span with the same high standard – even when used outside.


When installing welding mouldings, the profile is cut at 45 degrees and welded together. Then, the moulding is installed in the corner and pressed into the groove. Possibly using our in-rollers that you can find under accessories for gasket clamp profiles.

Be aware that the seals are not completely pressed together when the door or window is closed as over time, they will lose their ability to recoil and seal.


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