Primo Lister

We make environmentally friendly and beautiful mouldings for all homes


15 x 3-15 mm

Compressed sealing tape

Available in roles of 12 m.


A PRIMO sealing strip is characterized by, in its composition, a long-lasting solution that gives your windows and doors the optimum flexible conditions. The strip is not tarnished by temperature fluctuations or UV lighting and with this moulding you reduce any energy loss as the insulation capacity is high. The properties and the strength of the sealing strip makes it a economically smart with a satisfying effect for a long period of time.
PRIMO Compressed sealing tape is used for exterior sealing of windows and doors – for protection against heavy rain.


To be installed on a clean, dry and smooth surface. Turn the adhesive tape toward the window or door and install approximately 2 mm from the edge. Use a spatula to press the adhesive firmly.
The first 2 cm of the moulding is cut off before the sealant is used. Remember an approximately 10-20 mm overlap on all ends. See the Assembly instruction below.

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