Keep the heat in with PRIMO’s gaskets – a smart way to save money


5 x 12 x 3-4 x 7 mm



Are sounds and odours coming through your doors more and more clearly? Then it could be that the gasket in the inner door is worn out and a replacement would do wonders.

This PRIMO sealing strip fits in grooves of between 3 and 4 mm. Place the door gasket exactly where the old gasket was fitted and you will notice a significant change. By replacing it, less noise, draughts, odours and dust are transported, which previously could move freely – even through a closed door.

Material AC quality with high UV resistance and easy installation.


The gasket is simply pressed into the groove of the door.

Make sure that the gasket is not fully compressed when you close the door, otherwise it will lose its elasticity and the sealing property will deteriorate.

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