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For 3 mm groove

Gasket for glazing bead with cord for notching

Available in 5 m rolls (grey and black) and 350 m rolls (black).


PRIMO gasket for glazing beads 6168 is used for remounting sealing gaskets when the existing ones are worn and need replacement. The gasket is also the solution if you have purchased new glass mouldings with a groove of 3mm, which is not already provided with a sealing gasket.

The gasket is PVC-free as it is produced in TPE which is a plastic material that has a long durability – even in outdoor use.


The glazing gasket is pressed in the groove on the glazing bead. Afterwards the moulding can be installed again.

Remember to clean the bezel in which gasket for the glazing bead is placed in. The cleaning and the replacement of the gasket, will give your window a long life.


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