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For 4 mm grooves

Sash Rebate seal with cord ASF 6097

Available in rolls of 180 m.


Lower your energy consumption and reduce your heating bill.

Windows and doors with worn and old seals insulate with little strength and increase your heating bill. With a replacement for a PRIMO sealing gasket, you have a long-lasting solution. The sealing gasket is designed with a cord that provides a solid gathering of the corners.

PRIMO presents a varied selection of sealing gaskets with numerous functions and there is certainly a gasket that meets your specific needs.

Sealing gaskets from PRIMO are preferably made of PVC-free TPE, which is a material suitable for outdoor use where it is exposed to wind and weather and lives long without lowering function and strength.


When installing the Sash Rebate seal, the profile shall be cut at 45 degrees without over cut of the cord that is inside the seal.
You may use our trim shears for this purpose – you can find them under accessories for gaskets.
When, the gasket is installed in the corner and pressed into the groove.

Most of our Sash Rebate seals are made with a hard back that significantly simplifies the installation.

Be aware that the seals are not completely pressed together when the door or window is closed as over time, they will lose their flexibility and thus impair sealability.


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