Primo Lister

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min 12 x 4-8 mm

Clamp sealing

Available in 6 m rolls.


The PRIMO clamp sealings is the right choice in renovating doors and windows that have more than 30 years behind them. Prior to 1990, groove gaskets and clamp sealings were typically used for these purposes and therefore the types can be found in windows and doors that are from the period or even manufactured earlier.
The brackets provide sealing between the frame and sash and increase your windows and doors’ ability to insulate.

Some windows and doors have clamp sealings that cannot be replaced and here you will need a universal gasket as it is always useful where other gaskets do not complete the task.
See more about universal gaskets here


The clamp sealings shall be mounted with strong staples. Be aware of how the moulding you are replacing is installed.


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